Kula Catholic Community

A Welcoming Parish in Upcountry Kula

Calendar of Kula Catholic Community

September Parish Events

7 - Anointing of the Sick, O.L.Q.A. after 7 am Mass.

8 - Bishop's Episcopal Visit, potluck dinner with Bishop after 5pm Mass for members of the various Ministries

8th & 9th - 2nd Collection for The Catholic University of America

9 - First day of Religious Ed class s 8am. Bishop's Town Hall Meeting for all Parishioners after the 9:30am Children's Mass, pot-luck lunch to follow Mass

12 - Kula Hospital Mass, 10:30am; Bible Sharing, OLQA at 6pm

16 - Catechetical Sunday, Commissioning of the Religious Education Teachers at the 9:30 Mass at Holy Ghost

22 - Sweet Bread Sale, pickup at H.G. Hall, 1 lam-2pm

25 - Bible Sharing, OLQA, 6pm

26 - Rosary for Life, Holy Ghost, 6pm

To have a successful feast requires many, many hands, and people who are willing to take the lead. Many thank yous were said, and as Tony puts it, his right arm was his wife Lani who worked right by his side! Thank you to the Arrieta’s who took the Feast Chair for 2017 & 2018 and who passed the reins to Mary Jean Bega who will be our Feast Chair for 2019.

Lani and Tony
Pictured here with her hubby Eric.
Lani & Tony Arrieta 2018


Mary Jean and Eric Bega
Mary Jean & Eric Bega 2019



Selected under the new guidelines for the Holy Ghost Feast Queen,please meet Kaylie Ho, our 2019 Feast Queen! Kaylie is the daughter of Matt & Kristine Ho. Her year long reign began on Saturday evening at the Feast Appreciation dinner. She has graciously accepted the duties of The Feast Queen, one of which is to embody Queen Isabelle’s legacy of charity and service to others. CONGRATULATIONS KAYLIE!!



Guess what take a look at this pic below that’s currently in the webiste, the little girl attendant to the left of the Queen is Kaylie!

OUR MISSION: The Kula Catholic Community, blessed by God, inspired by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, seeks to worship God with sincerity of heart, witness the Gospel by our words and actions, share Christian values in our personal and community lives, and offer service to all people.

OUR VISION: As members of the Kula Catholic Community our vision is to be a strong, visible community of faith; Christ-like, welcoming, and offering encouragement, support and hope to all.