A Wedding on Maui

Kula Catholic Community

A Welcoming Parish in Upcountry Kula

Holy Ghost Mission is popular wedding site for visitors to Maui.  If you would like details on how you can arrange to have your wedding in our beautiful, historic church, please e-mail kccchurch@rcchawaii.org  providing:


The full names of the persons to be married.

Contact information: Address, Telephone number and E-mail address.


Proposed date and time you would like to schedule a wedding.


 We will confirm availability of the date you propose and provide you by mail or email a detailed  explanation of the steps required to be married in the Catholic church in Hawaii as well as the costs involved.

OUR MISSION: We the parishioners of the Kula Roman Catholic Community, following our baptismal commitment and vocation as disciples of Jesus Christ, shall:

  • Develop a personal and communal relationship with Almighty God, the Father, through Christ, the Son, guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • Worship God wholeheartedly in the Liturgy and the Sacraments.
  • Listen attentively to Him as He speaks to us daily in order to discern and carry out His will as did Jesus, Mary, and the Saints.
  • Cooperate with all Christians to spread the Good News of Salvation by actively seeking opportunities to educate and form ourselves and others in the faith, by sharing our belief, our charisms, and our resources.
  • Recognize that salvation cannot be attained in isolation and we shall create a Christian community by providing ample opportunities for people to bond socially and spiritually.
  • Respect, appreciate, and support every human being, especially those in greatest need.
  • Encourage participation through hospitality, collaboration, and the celebration of our cultural diversity and traditions.

To this end we dedicate the use of our unique gifts of time, talent, and treasure.