Parish Contacts

Pastoral Council Members:

Chairman :  Joseph White

Vice Chair/Sec :

Henrietta Chong

Mary Covey

Charles Holtrichter

Ernette Prones

Alan Vares

Heidi Watanabe

Joseph White


Finance Committee Members:

Chairman : Mark Andrews

Members :

Mark Andrews

Tony Arrieta

Sandra Morikawa

Arthur Ventura Jr.



Available Monday – Friday: 8am – 4pm
Donna Ventura 878–1261


2017 Holy Ghost Feast

Chairman : Tony Arrieta - 925-819-2727 -

Chair Emeritus: Ernie Wilson 808-876-0313

Vice-Chair: Bill Frampton 357-1954

Vice-Chair: Eric Bega 385-6001

Treasurer:  Ernie Wilson

Secretary:  Lani Arrieta & Mary Jean Bega



Building and Maintenance Planning Committee

Chairman : Sandi Holtrichter: 878-8532

Sal Lomongo

A.J. Ventura

Ryan Ventura


Bereavement Committee:

Clifford and Dorothy DePonte

Damien and Lorrine Pires

Carol Cablay


Hospital and Homebound Ministry:

Teresa Lomongo

Willow O'Neill

Carol Cablay


Holy Ghost Gift Shop

808-878-1091 E-mail:


Open Monday through Friday 9 am - 1 pm
and after masses on Saturday and Sunday.



Shirley DePonte - 878-6277,

Cathy White 876-0565


Liturgy Planning Committee

Chairman : TBD


Henrietta Chong,

Fred Janosko, 808-870-6958

Marnie Rompasky
Lillian Morreira

Mary Jean Bega - Lectors

Rick Enriques - Alter Server


Religious Education Director:

Mary Jean Bega


RCIA Director:

Cathy and Joe White


Social Ministry: 878-1261

Henrietta Chong

Shirley DePonte

Cathy and Joe White



Director: Fred Janosko


Holy Ghost Bread:

Sweet Bread will restart August 19, 2017
Sarah Tavares, Head Baker


Shirley DePonte  (808) 878-6277 –


World Wide Marriage Encounter:

Mike and Jane Maloney



For detailed information on how to arrange to be married in one of our churches please see our Wedding Info Link.


Youth Committee:

Mary Jean Bega

Henry Alau

Kula Catholic Community

A Welcoming Parish in Upcountry Kula

Fr. Adondee Arellano, MS, Pastor


Cell Phone:  268-5117

OUR MISSION: We the parishioners of the Kula Roman Catholic Community, following our baptismal commitment and vocation as disciples of Jesus Christ, shall:

  • Develop a personal and communal relationship with Almighty God, the Father, through Christ, the Son, guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • Worship God wholeheartedly in the Liturgy and the Sacraments.
  • Listen attentively to Him as He speaks to us daily in order to discern and carry out His will as did Jesus, Mary, and the Saints.
  • Cooperate with all Christians to spread the Good News of Salvation by actively seeking opportunities to educate and form ourselves and others in the faith, by sharing our belief, our charisms, and our resources.
  • Recognize that salvation cannot be attained in isolation and we shall create a Christian community by providing ample opportunities for people to bond socially and spiritually.
  • Respect, appreciate, and support every human being, especially those in greatest need.
  • Encourage participation through hospitality, collaboration, and the celebration of our cultural diversity and traditions.

To this end we dedicate the use of our unique gifts of time, talent, and treasure.