Kula Catholic Community

A Welcoming Parish in Upcountry Kula



1.  DATE: The Charity Walk is scheduled for Saturday, May 12.  If you want to walk the 3-mile course, you must arrive at the War Memorial Soccer Field between 6:30 and 7 a.m.  If you cannot walk, you may just collect donations and circle that option at the bottom of your registration form.


2.  GOAL: Our parish Social Ministry Committee has applied and been approved for a grant from the proceeds of the walk.  How much we receive will be determined by what we collect plus an additional 20-25%.  Our goal is to receive a $4,000 grant to help us continue and develop our outreach programs.


3.  CONTACTS: The parish coordinators for the walk are Shirley DePonte (878-6277) and Henrietta Chong

(878-6664). Contact one of them with any questions.


4.  REGISTRATION FORMS:  Forms for keeping track of donations collected will be available at a table at the Easter Potluck on April 1, after masses on April 7 and 8, at the family retreat on April 15, if necessary,  or from one of the coordinators.  Specially designed tee shirts to wear at the walk may be ordered at the time of picking up forms at a cost of $9.00, payment to be made on pickup.


5.  DEADLINE FOR TURNING IN FORMS:  The deadline for turning in funds collected is Sunday, May 6. All walkers will be pre-registered when they turn in their forms.  Forms may be turned in to either coordinator, at the gift shop, or to Donna Ventura in the office.  A table will be set up after masses on the May 5th and 6th to expedite the collection process.


6.  DONATIONS:  A donor’s check is their receipt.  If they require a receipt for cash, a small supply has been provided.  To participate, walkers 17 and under must have contributions totaling $25.00 or more and adults $35.00 or more.  Donors may contribute with a credit card by doing the following:

Send a text message to:  71777 on their phone - In the message area type:  MauiCW376

They will be charged a fee of 2.8% and may increase their donation to cover the fee if they wish.


7.  DOOR PRIZES AND FOOD FOLLOWING THE WALK – There will be drawings for many prizes at the conclusion of the walk, including a trip to Anaheim, CA.   Walkers must be present to win and should complete the Lucky Draw Ticket at the bottom of the registration form, but leave it attached.  Let’s have some fun and do something to help the community at the same time!  As the logo says:  “We’re all in this together”.


OUR MISSION: The Kula Catholic Community, blessed by God, inspired by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, seeks to worship God with sincerity of heart, witness the Gospel by our words and actions, share Christian values in our personal and community lives, and offer service to all people.


OUR VISION: As members of the Kula Catholic Community our vision is to be a strong, visible community of faith; Christ-like, welcoming, and offering encouragement, support and hope to all.