Kula Catholic Community

A Welcoming Parish in Upcountry Kula

126th Anniversary of the

Holy Ghost Feast is almost here!!


Please keep May 19th & 20th open and spread the word!!

Here is a schedule of events for:

Saturday, May 19th, 10am to 9pm

• Entertainment throughout the day

• Confirmation Mass at 3:45p

• Feast Day Anticipated Mass at 5pm

• Small Goods auction 6pm to 9pm

Sunday, May 20th, 10am to 5pm

• Mass Time: 8:30am

• Queen's Procession to follow Mass

• Complimentary Queen's Meal - ~11am to 12:30pm

• Small goods auction - ~11am to 4pm (Auction to begin after the Queen's Procession)

• Animal Auction 2pm - to 4:30pm


Working schedule of the days leading up to the Feast

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for the following days:

arrieta@sbcgloba l.net

2017/8 HG Feast Chairman

925-819-2727 or 214-8109

OUR MISSION: The Kula Catholic Community, blessed by God, inspired by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, seeks to worship God with sincerity of heart, witness the Gospel by our words and actions, share Christian values in our personal and community lives, and offer service to all people.


OUR VISION: As members of the Kula Catholic Community our vision is to be a strong, visible community of faith; Christ-like, welcoming, and offering encouragement, support and hope to all.